To all out there in the racing community, regarding the 2015 line of helmets please note the following:
Ľ Updates on Snell
Ľ SA-2015 Helmets Please Note: Per Snell rules, the new Snell SA-2015 spec helmets will not be sold until October 1...
st, 2015. Please understand that you will be selling our current SA-2010 spec helmets until then. The Snell change always causes confusion because the implementation date is 10 months after the start of the year. You will be selling SA-2010 helmets for most of 2015.
The Snell SA-2015 specification is more complex than the current SA-2010 requirements, including the addition of Head & Neck Restraint threaded inserts. Expect a substantial price increase (25% or more) on the SA-2015 helmets when they are available in October 2015.

At Competition Safety Gear we will always do all we can to bring our racing friends the best prices on the 2015 line of helmets, guaranteed to beat anyone, give us a try.

NOTE...Competition Safety Gear appreciates all of our international customers and to make the process smoother, we now require that All International orders to be PAYPAL payment ONLY.

COMPETITION Safety Gear, taking care of business, online, at the track, and from our retail location. 3 options, to make it as easy and convenient as possible for all of our satisfied customers. International orders are welcome. SATISFACTION GUARANTEED . . .ALWAYS, Every Order, Every Time! 


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